Why Us?

Why Eddleman & Eddleman, LLC?

How is Eddleman & Eddleman, LLC, truly different?

“ . . . a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing . . .”
– Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826, Third President of the USA

Advising versus Selling

It seems that all firms or individuals in the financial services industry today portray themselves as having your best interest at heart and hold themselves out to be experts in the field. However, you may have found yourself frustrated, confused, and disenchanted with the brokers, planners and financial services industry at large! Why? Because the industry as a whole is geared toward making profits through selling rather than advising.

We solve the problems created by traditional brokers and financial planners!
Most of the industry holding itself out to be knowledgeable disseminates only the information it wants its advisors and clients to know. Individuals working in the industry unwittingly become pawns in the industry’s games of client control. Dissatisfied clients find themselves locked into contracts, back-end sales charges, and surrender fees. Upon looking to alternative providers, many industry patrons are simply sold new products with promises of better results or service only to find themselves locked into new agreements with new providers.

The industry plays on the fears of clients. Advice contrary to clients’ comfort is often never presented for fear that a sale may not take place. Industry workers who “see the light” find themselves trapped in a commission cycle, forced to continue selling to provide for the lifestyles they have come to know.

At Eddleman & Eddleman, LLC, we sacrificed the immediate rewards to break away from the industry norms. Long term we know this benefits us, but more importantly we know it benefits you.

Complimentary Initial Session

We’d love to find out more about you and your investment needs and share with you what we do for clients so you can make a good decision about working with an investment advisor.

Call us at 731-554-2408 or email us at info@eddleman.biz to set up your no-cost, no-obligation 1-hour initial consultation.

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