Financial Vocabulary

Advantage word dictionary termAre you trying to get a better handle of your finances, but aren’t familiar with financial jargon?

Expand your knowledge with our Financial Vocabulary booklet.


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Wealth of Information

Pig Bank in HandsOne of our main objectives as a company is to help you to remain informed regarding wealth management. Two caveats to this however are:

1. We assume you have some level of understanding regarding basic money management (e.g., budgeting, controlling debt leverage, the need to plan, etc.) If you don’t we can direct you to unbiased resources to assist with this. Attached find links to the National Endowment for Financial Education. They are geared toward high school aged persons, but can be helpful to anyone needing basic financial education. Understand Budgeting, Savings & Investing, Managing Credit, and Insurance. Start in section III if you like.

2. We don’t expect that you want to learn everything about professional wealth management (As to be a working professional in the field.) Statistical analysis on four factor regression models aren’t fun to everyone. However, we believe you need a basic level of understanding to make informed decisions. That is what we wish to provide you with here.

Alphabet SoupHow do I know what all those initials mean? Here we help you understand the “alphabet soup” behind a financial professionals name.

Young N Old Man HandshakeWhat should I ask a financial professional I am considering? Here we hope to direct you in key questions to ask any “so called” financial professional to determine if they are really a “true” financial professional.

Boy in Suit w PaperDo I really need a financial professional? In this section we explore some questions you need to ask yourself!

Missing Puzzle PieceHow can I tell if the advisor is unbiased? Learn the determinents of who an advisor really works for.

DollarSignIs how my advisor is paid really important? Learn how the type of compensation an advisor recieves can effect the quality of advice.

Gold BullionWhat are the most important factors to the growth of my wealth? Understand what it means to be truely diversified as well as how to evaluate portfolio costs.

Fingertip ClimberMy advisor talks about how important it is to manage risk, but then we never talk about how it was managed! How do I REALLY manage risk? To manage risk you have to understand the kinds and measure them. Learn how to do both!

Dice and PaperWhat is an active verses a passive investment strategy? In this critical section we evaluate the truth behind the industry and how stock picking, market timing, and track record investing make the industry money and keep you coming back for more.

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Bulgarian National Bank


Today at 11:40 local (Bulgaria) time in Sofia, there was reported a bank run on the Corporate Commercial Bank AD (CCB). At that time the Bulgarian National Bank received a written notice from the management of CCB that CCB’s liquidity had been depleted and the bank had suspended making payments and conducting all types of banking transactions.

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How Safe Are Your Assets?

Are your assets safe from government seizure in the bank or a custodial account?

If you have a safety deposit box or even a rarely used account, you may want to make sure you are aware of the law in the appropriate state and the newest federal laws regarding “unclaimed property”. An unknown number of incidents are arising whereby individuals are going to retrieve their assets at the bank only to find out that they have been seized by a government entity.

The time period used to be 15 years for escheatment, however, some of these incidents are even occurring on assets whereby individuals are still paying taxes, box fees, or are receiving dividends. We’ll be digging deeper into the facts regarding this concern and getting more details posted as we obtain more information. According to Tennessee law the escheatment period is 5 years on most assets, but only 1 year on some others; Tennessee is a “custodial” state and these assets are always “supposed” to be available for claim, however, you should still be particularly aware if you have assets custodied in other states.

The Alarming Reason the Government Confiscated Money From a Member of Glenn Beck’s Staff

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What is something most economists agree on?

What is something most economists agree on? Innovation drives economic growth and prosperity; most also agree that the rate of new innovation is decelerating, but a few disagree strongly. And, while many economists argue that monetary policy has little influence on innovation, the overall sociopolitical environment certainly is a factor. So are we on the verge of the next wave of innovation and prosperity or are we doomed to enter the next dark age? Here’s an article on opposing views.

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Company Policy and Individual Freedom

Are you an employer? If so, you may want to consider carefully the line between company policy and individual freedom, particularly when it comes to mandatory vaccinations. In a recent New Jersey case, a three-judge panel sided against an employer who “‘unconstitutionally discriminated against’ the plaintiff . . . by rejecting her refusal to be vaccinated for secular reasons.” The Lesson? Make sure you understand what you can require of employees, even in a right to work state!

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What is NIRP?

What is NIRP? Negative Interest Rates! Yesterday June 5th, 2014, was historic. It is the first time “official” negative interest rates have been implemented by a central bank. NIRP was implemented yesterday by the European Central Bank on 18 nations. Rates have hit negative territory before a during bidding crisis, and Denmark did it briefly in 2012, but no central bank has done it before in an official capacity. Read more here.

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Tune in to West Tennessee’s TJ Network

Join Adrian Eddleman the next three afternoons (June 2nd – June 4th), 5pm -7pm as he guest hosts on West Tennessee’s TJ Network, 1390 am, 94 fm, or on the web:

Call in at 731-423-0139.

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What is a fiduciary?

For those of you outside the financial services industry, you might not be aware of or grasp the importance of the fight that has been playing out for nearly a decade over the fiduciary standard. If you aren’t aware, the fiduciary standard has to do with the level of care provided to clients. A fiduciary standard is the highest level of care and is denoted in the industry with compensation as “fee-only” rather than “fee-based,” “fee and commission” or some of the the other “somewhat” fiduciary standards. Here is the latest regarding the changing environment where everyone wants to be known as “fee-only.”

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Ask Yourself – 20 Questions

1. Have I discovered my True Purpose for money, that which is more important than money itself?

2. Am I invested in the market?

3. Do I know know markets really work?

4. Have I defined my investment philosophy?

5. Have I identified my personal risk tolerance?

6. Do I know how to MEASURE risk in my portfolio?

7. Do I consistently and predictably achieve market returns?

8. Have I measured the total amount of commissions and costs in my portfolio?

9. Do I know where I fall on the Markowitz Efficient Frontier?

10. When it comes to building my investment portfolio, do I know exactly what I am doing and why?

11. Am I working with a financial coach verses a financial planner?

12. Do I have a customized, lifelong gameplan to guide all of my investing and spending decisions?

13. Do I have an Investment Policy Statement?

14. Have I devised a clear-cut method for measuring the success or failure of my portfolio?

15. Do I fully understand the inmplications and applications of diversification in my portfolio?

16. Do I have a system to measure portfolio volitility?

17. Am I aware of the illusions propagated by the brokerage and financial community to sell commission-based products?

18. Do I know the three warning signs that I am gambling and speculating with my money verses prudently investing it?

19. Can I identify the cultural messages and personal mindsets about money that destroy my peace of mind?

20. Do I currently live in a mindset of money being abundant verses money being scarce?

If your answers to any of these questions was no, you should definitely consider a true, professional financial consultation with a wealth director and coach!

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