Company Retirement Plans

Thank you for your interest in learning more about company retirement plans. At Eddleman & Eddleman, we believe your company’s retirement benefit plan should truly be a “benefit.” So first, we want to provide you with resources to help you make informed decisions for both you and your plan’s participants. And when you decide you’d like additional counsel or assistance with implementation, we encourage you to contact us. But regardless, we hope you find these resources useful in making your company’s retirement plan the best that it can be! Call us anytime 731-554-2408 or toll free from anywhere in the U.S. 877-593-2584.

About Us

Eddleman & Eddleman, LLC, is a highly respected wealth management firm serving individuals and companies around the country. Specifically we’re well respected for our asset management and corporate retirement plan (e.g. 401k, 403b, 457, SEP, SIMPLE, etc.) implementation through a wholly owned division of the Eddleman companies called Archetype Investment Advisors. Together, the Eddleman and Archetype divisions represent one firm that is a completely independent, fiduciary, fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). And, we never sell any products and never receive any commissions or kickbacks, so our clients can always be assured of receiving the highest quality, most unbiased insight available! But, just because we strictly provide advice and management doesn’t mean we’re limited regarding retirement plan implementation. We can easily and efficiently coordinate implementation for every aspect of your company’s retirement benefit plan.

What you’ll find on our websites

Both the Eddleman and Archetype sites provide significant educational information about the financial industry, planning, asset management, and more for both individuals and companies. Regarding retirement plans, our Archetype site provides the most comprehensive information on this topic. It includes an overview of services that we provide to Prospective Plans and a Plan Sponsor Resources area designed to give educational information to plan decision makers just like you. In the Plan Sponsor Resources area you’ll find information outlining your responsibility, fiduciary facts, participant education, reference material, even information on 403b’s as they come under ERISA standards, and more!

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