Our Compensation Philosophy

Our Compensation Philosophy

Fee-only wealth management or what we call wealth directing is considered by most as beneficial over commission-based investing. Any representative who earns commissions receives most if not all of his compensation up front. This means he is paid more to get new clients than keep old ones.

At Eddleman & Eddleman, LLC, our wealth directing is fee-only. This means maintaining relationships with our clients benefits us most, and as those clients’ investments grow, so does our benefit. If investments perform poorly and the assets we manage are reduced, our resultant compensation goes down.**

Regarding our reviews and recommendations or planning, this is also performed on a fee-basis. Most financial plans today are designed to assist a representative in selling product. We have no interest in selling you anything. You pay us to tell you “the way it is,” and what your options are. We don’t think salespeople are bad, but we believe a salesperson is not necessarily the best place to get unbiased, educated advice regarding your finances.

**As a firm our compensation for asset management is typically based on a percentage of total assets managed. Though performance may affect the total assets managed and thus our compensation, our compensation is not based directly on performance. Such fees are known as Fulcrum Fees and are deemed suitable only for certain investors.

Complimentary Initial Session

We’d love to find out more about you and your investment needs and share with you what we do for clients so you can make a good decision about working with an investment advisor.

Call us at 731-554-2408 or email us at info@eddleman.biz to set up your no-cost, no-obligation 1-hour initial consultation.

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